DM500HD Openhdf 6.4 work :D

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      DM500HD Openhdf 6.4 work :D


      i just build openhdf 6.4 :D for my old box and it's work well and i like it :

      now i need some help please, i want to know how i can build feed , i cant get feed ;(

      Source Code

      1. ↳ MACHINE=dm500hd DISTRO=openhdf DISTRO_TYPE=release make feed
      2. make: *** No rule to make target 'feed'. Stop.

      also i want to install openmultiboot to get more space , i get this error

      Source Code

      1. Cannot install kernel-module-block2mtd
      , if some one please can showme how i can enable this in source, i build forum github, i don't know how i can do, should add somthing to defconfig ?
      please help


      need help with feed please

      so the feed is build with image i found it at ipk folder , but still one problem , and please developer help me ...
      feed are okay , but the file Packages.gz is not generated ? i don't why ?! so my feed not work ? why this file are not in ipk folder ?
      "MACHINE=dm500hd DISTRO=openhdf DISTRO_TYPE=release make image"

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