Sticky Overclocking Mara / Odin M7

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      Overclocking Mara / Odin M7

      Overclocking M7 EVO HD

      This procedure consists of raising the processor clock horologe from
      500 MHz to 750 MHz ! Obviously this will result in a better reaction speed
      great but ... and possible instability! I have not noticed yet ... but could
      be there ... may be related to higher temperatures in the summer! This
      procedure affects Mara and Enigma2 as well !!!

      Method! method is simple ... variants 1 or 2 go to 750 MHz on M7 EVO !
      Variant 3 returns to the original frequency of 500 MHz!

      - Total upgrade (boot mode) image Mara to version 4.19.2131
      image designed for GI but functionally identical the only difference is the bootlogo
      - Upgrade (boot mode) bootloader_751 ... just replace bootloader with
      the change that sets chipset frequency to 751 MHz
      - Upgrade (boot mode) bootloader_500 ... just replace bootloader with
      the original , chipset frequency is set to 500 MHz

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      Hello :; Is possible to use this file for galaxy innavation genius also ?
      [email protected]:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo
      system type : BCM7358A1 STB platform
      processor : 0
      cpu model : Broadcom BMIPS3300 V3.2
      BogoMIPS : 499.71
      cpu MHz : 501.016
      wait instruction : yes
      microsecond timers : yes
      tlb_entries : 32
      extra interrupt vector : yes
      hardware watchpoint : no
      ASEs implemented : mips16
      shadow register sets : 1
      kscratch registers : 0
      core : 0
      VCED exceptions : not available
      VCEI exceptions : not available

      [email protected]:~#

      seem identic like mara-adin-m7 !

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