Angepinnt Bekanntmachung: AXAS E3HD

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      Bekanntmachung: AXAS E3HD

      • CPU BCM7358
      • 750DMIPS Prozessor (500 MHz)
      • Linux E2 HD Betriebssystem
      • 1x DVB-S2 Tuner (SAT)
      • MPEG2 / H.264 Hardware Decoding
      • 10/100MB Netzwerkanschluss
      • Plug-in System
      • PVR-Ready
      • Media Player
      • 1x Smartcard Reader (Kartenleser)
      • 128MB Nand Flash / 512MB DDR Memory
      • 2x USB 2.0 (1x Front- 1x Rückseite)
      • 1x HDMI
      • Composite Video (RGB)
      • EPG Unterstützung
      • manueller und automatischer Suchlauf
      • Supports multiple LNB control (DiSEqC)
      • Skin Unterstützung
      • Stromsparendes Netzteil
      • Deep Standby-Stromverbrauch nur 1 Watt (Standby 4W, Betrieb 12W)
      • Maße (B x H x T): 260 x 45x 220mm
      • Gewicht 2.0kg
      MfG henrylicious
      Ich gebe keine Auskünfte über PN, alle Fragen sollen bitte im Forum gestellt werden!!

      the pacient's open ... belly

      the pacient's performance ...

      the pacient's native Enigma2 ...

      the pacient's actual Enigma2 ...

      The pacient is ... on my operation table ! for more than a month ... is alive and in good health ! :P
      his name ... EVO E3 HD !!!

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      Flashing the E3HD Enigma2 image .....

      1. Download the Factory Image
      2. Unzip the downloaded file
      3. Copy and paste the "e3hd" folder onto root of your USB stick
      4. open the folder "e3hd", and you will find the file "noforce." You can change the name of the file to "force"
      5. Insert USB Stick to your E3HD's front USB port or rear USB port
      6. Turn on E3HD using the power switch on the rear panel.

      -> if file inside the e3hd folder is named to noforce, press the power button on the front panel to flash image
      -> if file inside the e3hd folder is named to force, flashing will start automatically once you turn on the e3hd


      Test with OpenHDF from 2.07.2013 ... the image was loaded, starts without
      problems ... the RC seems to be a little slow , the download server is working
      ... but didn't find my favorite skins , EMU is preinstalled and was a piece of cake
      to start it ... the decoding works fine ! Some plugins are compiled with wrong
      Python version ... download is a little slow. The Blue Panel is a pleasant surprise !
      The image is OK but needs a little polishing ! :) anyway is a good start ! congrat's
      to the team !

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      Back to the OpenATV image ! witch is proven to be a perfect reliable one !
      incredibly fast RC reactions , a complete download server , some 40 skins !
      The download server is extremely slow ... 1-2 minutes wait for menu !!!
      In my opinion ... EVO E3HD will satisfy the user in all aspects ... price ,
      performance and stability ! ... I hope ! :)

      Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 1 mal editiert, zuletzt von „mihaip“ ()

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