Advice on Octagon & Gigablue Enigma 2 Box / Beratung zu Octagon & Gigablue Enigma 2 Box

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    • Advice on Octagon & Gigablue Enigma 2 Box / Beratung zu Octagon & Gigablue Enigma 2 Box

      Advice on Octagon & Gigablue Enigma 2 Box / Beratung zu Octagon & Gigablue Enigma 2 Box

      Good Day to All Masters,

      As my local Tv network provider is transmitting only in Dvb-T2, I do not have much selection of enigma 2 boxes. After some checking, I found the following box that are quite right for my usage in my location as follows,

      • “Octagon Sf4008 Triple 4k E2 UHD 2160p” with 3nos Dvb-T2 Tuners
      • “Gigablue Uhd Ip 4k” with Dual Dvb-T2 tuner

      In terms of using the awesome HDF image and timer-recordings, could I have some advices on which box is better? Or any other recommendation on other boxes?

      Thanks & Best Regards

      Google Translate:

      Beratung zu Octagon & Gigablue Enigma 2 Box

      Guten Tag an alle Meister,

      Da mein lokaler TV-Netzbetreiber nur in Dvb-T2 sendet, habe ich nicht viel Auswahl an Enigma 2 Boxen. Nach einiger Überprüfung fand ich die folgende Box, die für meine Verwendung an meinem Standort wie folgt genau richtig ist:

      1. „Octagon Sf4008 Triple 4k E2 UHD 2160p” mit 3nos Dvb-T2 Tuner

      2. „Gigablue Uhd Ip 4k“ mit Dual-Dvb-T2-Tuner

      Könnte ich in Bezug auf die Verwendung des fantastischen HDF-Bildes und der Timer-Aufnahmen einige Ratschläge haben, welche Box besser ist? Oder eine andere Empfehlung für andere Boxen?

      Danke und beste Grüße
    • If you need at least 2 DVB-T2 tuners, then I currently only know the Gigablue UHD IP4k with dual DVB-T2 tuner.

      But at the moment, at least in Germany, no dual DVB-T2 tuners are available from Gigablue.

      Achtung: Kein Support über private Nachrichten!

      TV - Hisense Ulra HD
      Eutelsat 13°E und Astra 19,2°E Unicable-Matrix mit Wide-LNB
    • 4K boxes with more than 2 DVB-T2 tuners are hard to find, as the FBC tuners can only handle DVB-C. Octagon SF 4008 is the the only one I know of, but many users in this forum reported problems.

      With 2 DVB-T2 tuners I also would recommend Gigablue UHD IP 4K, but, as Zeini stated, finding the twin tuner nowadays is a real challenge.

      Easer to obtain is Axas E4HD 4K Ultra, although a bit more expensive.

      If you do not need 4K or HEVC decoding neither now nor in the foreseeable future (!), you may consider buying an older box second hand, such as AX/Mutant Quadbox HD 2400, Xtrend ET 8000, 8500 or 10000 or Atemio Nemesis.
    • Hi Master Zeini & Argon, thank you very much for the advice.

      What would you all Masters suggest for the following boxes,

      1. Zgemma H7c: with 1no compulsory Dvb-S tuner & 1no Dual Dvb-T2 tuner
      2. Dreambox Dm900Uhd: can have 2nos of Dual Dvb-T2 tuners & need not have to fix the Dvb-S tuner- this box has very few images that I am not quite interested in, but I will consider if it is good
    • Hi All Masters, I have made an enquiry at ‘‘ regarding ‘Gigablue Uhd Ip 4k with dual Dvb-T2 Tuner’ and they requested ‘Info-Impex-Sat’ to reply as follows,

      AW: Kontaktformular Gigablue

      [email protected]/Inbox

      Info-Impex-Sat <[email protected]>

      To:[email protected]

      Thu, 7 Jul at 4:03 pm

      Good day,

      Due to the chip bottlenecks, we cannot produce any DVB-C/T2 tuners for an indefinite period of time.

      Otherwise that would be possible.

      Sincerely / Best regards

      on behalf of Ibrahim Kosar

      Guten Tag,

      aufgrunder der Chip Engpässe können wir für eine unbestimmte Zeit, keine DVB-C/T2 Tuner Produzieren.

      Ansonsten wäre das möglich.

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen – Best Regards

      i.A. Ibrahim Kosar

      Impex-Sat GmbH & Co. KG

      Beim Giesshaus 7

      D-25348 Glückstadt

      Telefon +49 4124 937262

      Fax +49 4124 937266

      E-Mail [email protected]

      The translation by Google stated,”Due to the chip bottlenecks, we cannot produce any DVB-C/T2 tuners for an indefinite period of time.” I do not understand the meaning of “chip bottlenecks” and I did make an enquire but sadly they did not reply anymore.

      Can any Master please tell me what it means, because I have found a seller that have stock and is able to sell to me. However, if “chip bottlenecks” means the dual Dvb-T2 tuner is unstable then I will not purchase the box anymore.

      Please Help

      Thanks & Best Regards
    • A better translation instead of "chips bottleneck" might have been chips shortage (crisis). 2020–present global chip shortage - Wikipedia
      A better translation instead of "indefinite" might have been "indeterminate".

      So, they are saying, that currently there is no way to get the required chips for the DVB-T2 tuners on the market, and they do not know, when this will change.

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