Reboot Problem - HDF 7.0

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    • Reboot Problem - HDF 7.0

      Hi everyone, Merry Christmas to you all!
      I wanted to let you know that after flashing the new 7.0 image (127) for the Xtrend 10000
      there is a problem where suddenly the rebooting process stops at just before the half way
      and will not progress further. When i switch off from the switch at the back and switch on
      again the same thing happens. The only thing we can do is reflash an old HDF backup from usb
      then flash another fresh image but the same thing happens again after a while. All of a sudden
      we have SR of 0% SR and the tuner is unable to tune into any channel and not able to scan any channels
      then after rebooting the problem i have described starts. I have now flashed an older version of 7.0 from
      2 versions previously in the hope this doesn't happen again.
      Any advice would be appreciated.

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