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    • Great job !

      Hello, I want say that since one year my Dinobot 4k+ has been closed again in his box after 15 days from the purchase because the absolutely not working ASPECT RATIO!
      ( the same was with an "hated" by me Axas 4k... after some months given to a friend as a personal gift)

      I've talked many times about this unacceptable problem in many forums , mainly with Giopet on ATV forum
      but at the end the conclusion was always:

      bad drivers that need to be improved/fixed by Axas and Vivant Dinobot

      But this was
      and I resigned myself. I bought two Octagon SF8008.

      With Axas 4k and Dinobot 4k the aspect ratio simply does not work when playing back recorded movies, whatever setting you touch the aspect ratio does not change by a single mm

      However, I have always had some doubts about the explanation "it's a drivers' fault".
      This is because at least for the Dinobot 4k+, using Android the aspect ratio of recorded movies does not present this unbearable problem!

      With the Octagon SF8008 ( also tried the Edision Os Mio 4k ) receiver the main problem is always due to the aspect ratio using E2IPLAYER (the problem is the same with every enigma2 multimedia player):

      in this case the aspect ratio changes but initially the settings are completely ignored and the playback always starts in full screen, so I must 1) start the playback 2) once in payback it is necessary to enter a moment in the video settings menu of the videoplayer for pass the selection bar over the video options (letterbox and pan&scan) and then it works.
      You don't need to press OK, just pass over the options.
      When you pass over the options, the preview of the playing video is shown in background and you can notice that the aspect ratio changes when you pass over the different options.
      The strangest thing is that from this moment you can clearly notice also the minor differences of the aspect ratio between 16:9 and 16:10.
      From that moment the aspect ratio will always be handled perfectly... like something "was sleeping" and needed to be waked up
      This is necessary again as soon as you decide to watch another movie !
      (very annoying as my opinion ! since this is a basic function that every video source device must able be handle)

      What a wonderful surprise :beer: :thumbsup: :danke: I wanted to do some video tests and checks on my two 55" UHD screens (Hisense ULED and Samsung QLED) ..
      so I recovered the Dinobot 4k+ from the abandoned box in the basement since a year. I reinstalled it from scratch via internet and afterwards I replaced ATV with OpenHDF only for check what's has been changed during the last 3 months.To be honest, I like very much OpenHDF but every time my choice has been to comes back to OpenATV or PLi only for the major speed.
      However now the things are completely changed:OpenHDF 6.5 and Dinoboot 4K+ are the only one pair that can perfectly handle the video aspect ratio with the hisilicon CPU
      (in the next days I ask to the person that own my ex Axas His 4k Combo to try OpenHDF 6.5 dated 03/10/2020 )
      the aspect ratio management NOW not only works PERFECTLY ( and as I said it never, never, never and never worked with Dinoboot 4k and Axas 4k based on hisilicon cpu )... the second BIG, STUPEFACENT surprise is that it works perfectly at first shot, in only one second from the start the aspect ratio became perfectly adjusted following your settings

      After this beautiful surprise :danke: :loveyou: :hail: :dance:
      I wanted to verify OpenHDF also with one of my Octagon SF8008 but in that case the aspect ratio works exactly as before with any other E2 image (the reproduction always starts at full screen, even slightly zoomed and with the channel logo partially cut out).

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