Receiver Upgrade - Help please..

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      Receiver Upgrade - Help please..

      Hi, and happy new year to you all!

      I am trying to decide between upgrading to either the Zgemma H9S or the Zgemma H7 or VU+ Duo 4k or Ultimo 4k but i can't decide.

      Please can any users tell me if you know which would be the best so that i don't make a mistake with my choice.

      My Xtrend is just too slow now and keeps rebooting on it's own or keeps getting a constant spinner appearing then freezing and it's frustrating having to reboot 20 times every day.

      What i would like is a satellite receiver for multi-satellite use using USALS, excellent crisp picture quality like the Xtrend offers which is brilliant, it must be fast to boot, fast to channel change and use plugins, and for the Cccam and iptv to work well without freezing or juddering etc. I use the JEDI enigma 2 m3u to bouquet converter plugin. With good storage/RAM and i would like to be able to use the SSD from my Xtrend 9200 (i think it is a 2.5").

      Another thing that is important is to be able to play back as many video file types as possible as i would like to be able to play movie files that i could manually add to the SSD and play back without issues which i can with the Xtrend, such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, WMV, MKV and Audio playback of WMA, AC3 and MP3.

      If anybody is able to help it would be very helpful and appreciated.

      Thank you.
      Thank you Googi for your suggestion. It is interesting to find out users' and experts' opinions..
      The reasons i haven't decided on this particular receiver is due to the limited information on the display, the constant bright logo light, the SSD fitting issues i've read about and also the black screen for 2/3 seconds in between each channel change.
      That is a negative for us because we are used to the Xtrend which displays the entire channel name with scrolling characters too.
      I don't think we could enjoy having just 4 digits the same as we do now.
      Even with a budget of £500.00 it's been so hard to make a decision based on what we need it for.

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