I just asked for help so that KODI worked

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    I just asked for help so that KODI worked

    For what I observe you have a great aggressiveness.

    Googgi, you have already answered me in similar terms from the Forunm of OpenaATV. In my previous thread simply mentions image openatv 6.1 instead of OpenHDF 6.2

    Googgi, you have answered me in two different forums but only you have answered me very badly and also you have not given me a light on the cuention that I posed. I do not know that you're going but you look like the king of the forums.

    My original thread was this one: "KODI plugin has made good progress with OpenHDF 6.2. Now the problem is that it does not reproduce any video and when giving to play it is completely unconfigured. My deco is Dreambox 820 HD. Please, see if you can find a solution.Thank you very much."

    If you think I've bothered someone tell me please. Your Googgi does not have to answer me.

    If someone can help me solve the problem with KODI I would appreciate it.

    A cordial greeting for all the readers and members of this magnificent Forum.
    You are using openatv-Image on DM820 as far as i know.

    I wether have DM820, and here is also not ATV-Forum.

    So i cannot help you with your specific problem.

    You are also posting x-times in wrong forum when you are using openatv.

    Flash openhdf, the you can post here, and hope that another DM820-User has the answer for your problem.
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