Angepinnt Neuer Bootloader vom 22.05.2015 (V36)

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      Neuer Bootloader vom 22.05.2015 (V36)

      Bootloader HD2400 (V36) 20150522

      • Bootloader V36
      • support images upto 500MB
      • support multiboot by kexec
      • support systemd images
      • support images startup from USB, SSD, HDD and SDcard.

      Before you install the new bootloader, please been certain there is no map called /hd2400 on your USB stick.
      It can happen that the bootloader will not install when a splash or force file is in the /hd2400 map.

      Follow the next steps to successful update the bootloader.
      1. Remove the map /hd2400 when it's already on your USB stick.
      2. Unzip the file to an USB stick. (You will see a map called /hd2400 with 2 files imageversion and hd2400-cfe.bin)
      3. Place the USB stick in an USB socket of the HD2400.
      4. Start the box with the powerswitch at the back of the box.
      5. The display will show a message, to load the new bootloader you will need to press the second button which has a down arrowhead (V) symbol.
      6. The display will show flashing for about 10 secondes and after this the HD2400 will reboot automatically.
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